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Interview With Ann, The Elder Rose Sister

Updated: May 7, 2019

Rose Sisters Chips have been the communal bond between generations for every occasion. We are proud to share our family tradition with you and your loved ones and the stories of the people behind the magic. Ann, one of the two incredible Rose Sisters, sat down with the Rose Sisters Chips team to chat about the fond memories she has with her sister, Paula, and her mother, Goldie.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m the eldest daughter of Goldie, along with my baby sister, Paula! We grew up in a two bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, New York, and so many traditions evolved from our house. It was always so full of love and family ties, starting with breaking the bread at every meal.

How did Rose Sisters Chips start?

After going down to Florida for so many years, my mother was the main cook in the family. But, as the years went on and we became older, my sister Paula took over. Around this time we spoke a lot about family traditions and whatnot, and decided to recreate Mom’s bread inspired by the Mexican food that was coming into the States. So, after many years of experimenting, we came up with something completely new and fell in love with the what is now our Rose Sisters Chips.

What was your first memory of your mother's chips?

Well, you knew that they were always going to be there. Because she was orphaned at such an early age, Mom valued having a home full of love and support. People just flocked to her for this reason. So, my best memory is just the association with so much love that evolved out of our house and her cooking. Any occasion or celebration, the chips were there and so was she!

What inspired you to share your family tradition with the world? Did you ever imagine starting a company to share the chips?

The idea for the company didn’t come about until after my husband and I had retired, actually. We had worked for so long - from taking the entrepreneurial path and starting a company called Stuffins to owning an ad agency - we had essentially done it all. After I had retired, my son Jonathan came to me and proposed the idea because so many of our relatives loved the chips. It only seemed fair to share with the world.

Do you have a favorite food to pair the chips with?

The great thing about these chips, other than how amazing they taste on their own, is how many ways you can use them. I really love them in salads. They can bring life to any meal.

What do you feel is the biggest differentiator between your chips and other gourmet crackers?

They just taste so unique compared to other chips out there. They fit into so many categories and are so versatile, which really makes them stand out of the crowd.

Thanks Ann!

Ann now lives in Delaware (winters in Florida) with her husband of almost 60 years and delightfully sharing Rose Sisters Chips with the people in her community. She details the joys of working in a family run business, from incredible communication to a keen appreciation for the loving memory of Goldie. Ann explains; “Of course, the family has become incredibly large and it is just as fun to still celebrate the original traditions!”

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