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Our Favorite Ways to Eat Rose Sisters Chips

Rose Sisters Chips have been a family tradition for generations now. Their unique taste and savory aromas excite the taste buds making every meal a truly personalized experience. While our chips are exceptional on their own as a snack, we love to find fun recipes that we can incorporate our family staple into. Today we’re going to explore a few of our favorite creations made with Rose Sisters Chips.

Bye Bye Breadcrumbs

Possibly one of the most creative and delicious ways to enjoy Rose Sisters Chips is to utilize the crumbs at the bottom of the bag. After breaking the bread into smaller pieces for shared meals, the leftover fragments and seasonings make for an excellent breadcrumb substitution. They make a delightful addition to your favorite meatloaf, meatballs, turkey stuffing, battered fish, chicken cutlets, and so much more.

To substitute breadcrumbs or panko in your favorite recipe: For any recipe requiring bread crumbs or panko, substitute up to a ¼ cup of recipe bread crumbs with Rose Sisters Chips crumbs. Place chip crumbs in a ziplock bag, removing air from the bag before sealing. Take a rolling pin and roll out the leftover chips, crushing them into bread crumbs.

We recommend sprinkling the chip crumbs on fish (salmon, cod, halibut, tuna, or even swordfish are our favorites) after spraying fish with olive oil or spreading mayonnaise first. Then broil fish and you will be delightfully surprised by how good it tastes with a crunchy coating of chip crumbs.

Use with Your Favorite Spread

Our delightful chips are best known for their compatibility with so many different spreads. From sweet to savory, everyone is bound to find a pairing they love most. We love this fresh pico de gallo recipe for a refreshing topping:

Finely chop up tomato, onion, jalapeño and cilantro and toss in a bowl together.

Slice off a lime wedge and squeeze over the bowl.

Voila! You’ve got pico de gallo to go around for everyone.

Simply break off a freshly baked chip, pass it around the table, and enjoy. And whether you’re a salsa fan or not, each chip should be a personal experience, so you’re invited to get creative and find your perfect spread pairing.

Fabulous Flatbread

Each whole chip is also a delectable option as a flatbread. Rather than breaking the chip into smaller pieces, consider using the whole in substitution for pita in any recipe. Incredible with hummus and olive tapenade, a freshly baked Rose Sisters Chip is the perfect compliment for any Mediterranean dish. Stack your new “pita” high with grilled chicken, beef, or falafel to create a unique flatbread dish of your own.

Welcome to the Rose Family

We’re so happy to be able to share our special family tradition with you. We would love to hear what exciting pairings you come up with when you open a bag of fresh Rose Sisters Chips with your loved ones. Please send us your fun recipes, photos, or heartwarming memories you create with Rose Sisters Chips by contacting us here. We would be delighted to hear from you, and until then, ENJOY!!!

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