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Pack Your Picnic Basket! The Perfect Pairings for Rose Sisters Chips

Rose Sisters Chips have been a staple in creating long-lasting memories for generations. Each delectable chip becomes your own unique experience, so we have a few ways to make it personal! Grab your picnic basket, because today we’re going to talk about the perfect picnic pairings for our gourmet chips.

Scrumptious Spreads

Family comes together over meals, and we love that our chips are a part of family traditions for decades. No matter your taste, there are perfect spreads to compliment Rose Sisters Chips for everyone. While each chip is uniquely delectable on its own, there are infinite ways to personalize your snack. Our favorite spreads include hummus, salsa, guacamole, French onion dip, and chili – there’s something sure to please everyone! Each chip is perfectly baked and seasoned so every mouth-watering bite is as incredible as the last. The savory aroma enhances the palate for a memorable experience - you can’t go wrong with a Rose Sisters chip.

The Perfect Hors D'oeuvre

The fun doesn’t have to stop with just our favorite spreads - our chips make a delightful hors d’oeuvre for any occasion. We love to combine elements of sweet, savory, and crunchy all in one incredible mouthful. Consider adding thinly sliced avocado and lemon for a light, refreshing snack. Topping Rose Sister Chips with chicken or tuna salad (specially made with apples or cranberries) combines sweet and savory for a dynamic, heavenly lunch-time snack! You can also top your chips with thinly sliced Bosc pear and goat cheese for a delightful pairing with wine. Our chips are as incredible as your creativity is, so feel free to mix and match toppings to find a recipe uniquely you!

A Palatable Meal Addition

Our chips are versatile and can be used to substitute classic staples in any meal for a fun twist. Rose Sisters Chips can be used in lieu of pita bread for a lovely pairing with Baba Ganoush, olive tapenade, or even an impressive compliment to any Mediterranean dish with grilled fish, chicken, steak, or veggies. Try using them to kickstart your breakfast as well! In lieu of a bagel, break off a chip and top with a dollop of whipped cream cheese, a sprinkle of diced onion, crumbled hardboiled egg, or finished it with lox for a ravishing morning treat.

Our family secret? The leftovers at the bottom of the bag make for an amazing breadcrumb substitution. For any recipe requiring bread crumbs or panko, add Rose Sisters Chips crumbs or substitute up to a ¼ cup of recipe bread crumbs with our delectable crumbs in meatloaf, meatballs, turkey stuffing, battered fish, chicken cutlets and more. Rose Sisters Chips crumbs make a delightful topping on fish (salmon, cod, halibut, tuna, swordfish) after spraying fish with olive oil or spreading mayonnaise first. Broil the fish and you will be delightfully surprised by how good it tastes!

Welcome to the Rose Family

Our fondest memories in life are often centered around the family dinner table. This family chip recipe was passed down by our mother and has been a communal bond ever since. We want to welcome you to our family and encourage you to make love-filled memories of your own with our unique family tradition. We would love to hear what delightful pairings you imagine, feel free to contact us with photos, suggestions, or even flavor ideas!


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